Aug 8, 2009


Hi may name is WebmountingIndia and I joined yahoo! as a SEO(OFF/ON) experts in July 2008.I am currently member of Off page SEO working client site SEO(top 10) ranking & quality off page.I sometimes site and blog about things related to SEO/SEM/SMO.

Facebook is a largest online social Network website that offer Social network services world wide and lunches in February 2004 this is operated and privately owned by facebook Inc. as per July 2010 serve show that facebook have 500 million active user in the all worlds with is about 1 person of every fourteen in the world.In the facebook user my create there personal profile, add photos given Personal information,there business, services and all about yours self, also add more other user as friend and exchange massage,Image,video.

How we can you use Facebook

First of all go to Facebook home page after that click resistor and inter your full name, your Email address and your remembrance Pass word.
after that inter you date of birth and select you gender
after that click on sign-up button and go to your email to use for join and click confirmation mail link after that you can easy access your Facebook account.

now Inter your profile Information:

Inter your basic information name, age, qualification, area of interest
add your profile picture

If you are planning to create your own Facebook page then some point you should keep in mind. Facebook are a most power full way to create viral network marketing and lot of database of fan/friend and client.Now a day Facebook are strong way to communicate your costumer/client fans and also your family.

Now may I let me tell you some very use full ten point about Facebook pages:

* Send updates of your all fans/friends.
* you can make countless fans
* your pages are visible all over worlds
* you can add your favorite event/Movement
* add your favorite blog
* you can add your video/Image to your Facebook
* You can use forum for a discussion on your Facebook Page
* your Facebook Page can add a wall
* add reviews to your Facebook Page
* add hundreds (thousands) of applications on at Facebook

Jun 16, 2009

SEO Services Delhi

SEO Company Delhi
The Anamika services is professional SEO Company Delhi provided quality SEO services as all the off page and on page activity as well as search engine analysis, Keywords and phrase analysis and maintain your site for highly searchable keywords. The basic process in on page SEO first of all URL optimization which is relevant content after that content and keywords optimization then we have done Title, Description and Meta tag setting
The Feature of SEO Company Delhi is that for client point of view
  • Provides ranking reports
  • Keywords traffic reports
  • Search volume reports
The above feature shows that if you have business and no costumer for business then you can hire SEO services Chandigarh Delhi India for particular sale leads. We will sure given guaranteed output as for your business requirement. Here most of optimization phenomena are done as according to Google updated algorithm and strategy because Google is highly searchable search engine in the worlds.The crawler is not man it is software so they cannot read JavaScript, Image, and F lase Movie, Flash movies, frames, and directories. We know that the basic principles of operation of the entire search engine are same but have a little difference between them. There are different factor are important for each Search engine like the Yahoo! MSN are just given importance to the keywords factor but Goggle are links very important. Our experts SEO team know all the things regarding to the entire Search engine. We also know that paid linking is not better for a long time search engine results because the relevancy term is disturb in this process. If you are truly want to achieved top position is most of search engine then just follow a right methodology and Direction regarding to search engine algorithms.

Pay Per Click Services Chandigarh

Pay Per Click Services
There are many Pay Per Click search engine have create traffic in your site. Pay per Click is advertising also know as Internet advertising methods of your website, PPC is Search engine marketing technique that offer pay per click business in major search engine advertising Google Ad Words Yahoo! search marketing , adCenter, MSN MIVA,Search Feed,Marchex AdHere , ABCSearch and 7Search all are the PPC advertising search engine.
The main features of PPC technique are as
  • Highly instant Results
  • Most searchable Targeted Advertising
  • Geographic Advertising
  • Most competitive Advertising
The feature explain above show that all the services provided by SEO Services Delhi in very Reliable and limited time, The Pay Per Click Advertisement Management is manage numerous PPC account setting to give a new peak to your business and also manage the entered campaign for including keywords research this means to promoted your website in major search engine Google, yahoo and MSN.

Jun 13, 2009

Internet Marketing Services Delhi

Internet Marketing Services Delhi
Internet marketing services, Internets marketing also suggest that I-Marketing, online marketing, e marketing, is the making of product or service by the internet. Anamika Services Chandigarh Delhi India is brand Name in the fields of SEO and Internet Marketing. Today internet is fast growing and changing fields in India. Search engine marketing is the form of internet marketing that have to promote website by increasing ranking in search engine.

Anamika Services Provides Internet Marketing services to clients across all business sectors. Our capabilities include Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Optimization SEO,Website Design and Development campaign management and reporting, and can be accessed through:
A consulting arrangement- based on a service level agreement Internet marketing services are designed to grow your business opportunities on the Internet, complementing your existing marketing activities and expanding your market share at the same time.

The services we provide to promote your business on the Internet are at the cutting edge of global marketing techniques Using Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Optimization website design and development as the foundation for your online presence. We then explore a range of proven strategies to create measurable outcomes in website traffic and customer transactions such as inquiries, downloads, subscriptions and sales.

Link Building Services Chandigarh

Link Building is Basic part of search engine optimization that Increase website Popularity and increase search engine traffic. The Company handles large number of linking popularity campaigns. Link popularity is a way to expanding your site popularity and site indexing to get higher search engine rankings. SEO Company Chandigarh India provides 24 hours online supports to increase link popularity of our client website. SEO Company Chandigarh India has strategy of using variety of anchor text and actual description of the theme of the site to create the links for the site so that the relevancy of the link is maintained and natural link building is done for the sites. The 5 best methods of links may be found based upon:
  • Relevance
  • Likability/Viral Content
  • Authority
  • Traffic
  • Page Rank
Links creation is of several types and we can creates it with the help of Off Page website optimization, here are lots for methods that can helping in link building services

  • Directly submission
  • Forum posting
  • Article Submission
  •  Blogging (Blog posting and Blog commenting) services
  •  Profile Links Creation services
  • Social Media (social bookmarking and Social Networking) services
  • Guest Posting
  • Local Listing
  • Press Release Submission