Nov 6, 2011

Social Network Service By Orkut

Orkut is owned by Google,a great Social networking website and the main aim of Orkut are maintain new and old friends relational worlds wide.The Orkut is less popular in United state but Brazil and India it become more popular and Now a Day Orkut is available more then 48 languages and also in more then 60 countries world wide.

The recent Alexa ranking of orkut in October 2011 is 126th and more than 66 millions valuable and active users. The orkut now launches new feature and theme for the entire Internet user with different color and design. As like other social networking website Orkut also have more fake and duplicate profile for increasing spamming and fake family user profile.

Iran and Saudi Arabia is a county that can ban the orkut due to security issue and also Islamic ethical issue about online dating and matching.